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Corporate & Small Group Training

Corporate programs are written and developed for keynote programs to businesses and organizations that would like to learn how to increase their sales through word of mouth marketing. Workshops are two to four hour interactive programs in a classroom style setting. All of our programs can be tailored for almost any type of sales based business or market segment.

Educational & Classroom Management

This program is filled with strategies to 1. Remain calm and respond right when challenged 2. Teach expectations 3. Provide adequate, fair, and timely consequences 4. Arrange the classroom for maximum performance 5. Develop strong student-teacher relationships. Learn More Classroom Management Programs

Targeted Programming

A corporate conference is a showcase for your organization. We will take your theme and research and write a program, prepare the audio, visual and presentation materials. We specialize in conferences for sales forces, sales prospects, current customers, and students. Of course, we work in conjunction with your event planning staff to accomplish your conference goals.

Harry King is the Managing Partner and Principle Speaker for HarryKingSpeaks, a division of Benjamin, Andrews & King.


He has presented educational programs and seminar sales presentations nationally for other companies to over 10 thousand people.


Harry has done programs for companies around the nation.


His past clients include such prestigious names as  Monster.com, ThomasNet.com, Dell, US Army, Navy & University of Phoenix, Bank of America, US Department of Education, Aflac, literally hundreds of schools and colleges and many other corporate 500 Clients.

What They Are Saying

“I have had the opportunity to see Harry’s ability to captivate a room. He has been able by his presentation skills, educate me on the ART of referral base leads. I am looking forward to learning more from Harry and in the future refer him opportunities. Harry is a professional speaker who truly has passion…”
Jean Filipiak
Partner, Recruiting Coach, CPBA, CPVA

I Refuse to Participate in a Recession

Harry King is one of the most engaging speakers of our time. Watch as he offers some insights into our economy and our world.