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Programming for Teachers

Keep Students on Task

Educators realize that we are losing precious instruction time to pesky low-level discipline challenges. We all must realize that academics and discipline go hand in hand. An educator can be the best content instructor on campus but without the ability to control the classroom, the best lessons will remain undelivered.

Decrease Discipline Challenges

If you want to increase student achievement, you must first put a system in place for discipline that empowers your teachers improve behaviors of students in the classroom. You can provide your staff with world-class training on classroom management to help you achieve these goals.

Increase Teacher Satisfaction

This training will help your staff gain back that lost teaching time with research based, proven strategies that minimize or eliminates 70 – 90% of low-level, chronic behaviors.

Reduce Teacher Turnover

Classroom management was rated as the most important variable to building and sustaining a high achieving classroom. Classroom management “or lack of” is also the number one reason why educators are leaving the profession. Our application based strategies and techniques provide your teachers with the support and tools they need for success.

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Programming for Students

HarryKingSpeaks offers programs for students in high school, college or vocational programs that are very economical. These programs are designed to help students understand how their actions in and out of school today can affect them in the real world and business environment tomorrow. Each hour-long program is interactive and designed for students to laugh and enjoy the same messages that their teachers, counselor and parents have been telling them, all along. Sometimes though, hearing it from a different source makes all the difference.

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