High School Skills

How much would student achievement increase if students were on task 5, 10, or even 20 hours more each week?

High School Skills is a great program for your freshmen orientation. This 50-minute, interactive, assembly-style presentation helps students realize the choices they make as early as freshman year can impact their opportunities upon graduation. It provides first-semester freshmen with important information on how to recognize their potential for future success and make the most of their high school experience.

The program starts by helping students see the target they are shooting for and how difficult it can be to hit their goals if they aren’t watching the target.

Students know their grades are important and it’s not for the reasons they think! We discuss the real reason grades are so important with our Great GPA Race and then show them how different people learn the same information in different ways. Your students will come away knowing specifically how they learn and give them note taking and test taking tips based on their learning style.

Finally we help your students see how a potential employer or college will look at their resume. It’s not just grades, it’s about the activities they are involved (or not involved in) and their level of participation. The students are encouraged to start building their resumes and become leaders as freshmen looking at their goals.

This is a great way to start out or finish your Freshmen orientation with a dynamic and exciting program.