Keynote Programs

I Refuse to Participate in the Recession

I Refuse to Participate in the Recession is a Program written to help business owners and their employees understand that the ecomomy has a very small impact on the success of a business. Companies can do many things to minimize the impact of a recession by undestanding how word of mouth marketing, referrals, customer service and public relations can have a positive influence on the sales of the company. Parts of this Program are featured on our home page videos.

PunchBug! Reticular Activating Marketing

Anyone who has been around young children will remember this game, and there is a lesson here for businesses. Business people like to say that while their advertising efforts are important, they get more new customers because of referrals from their current clients. What are the secrets to making sure that your business is always ‘top of mind’ with your clients or referral sources? This Program discusses how you can get people to activly seek and pass referrals to you by leveraging your PunchBug!

Teach Them the Lyrics

This is a fun Program that starts ourt with a song. Quickly the audience learns that singing the lyrics aren’t quite as easy as it seems. There is a lesson here for anyone who sells a great product, and that is that happy customers don’t know how to bring your company or products up in a conversation. This Program is based on the premise that if word of mouth marketing means that people have to open their mouth to refer business to you, then you want to make sure they never stop talking about you .

Victim to Victor

A victim of child sexual abuse, and part of a group of victims that bankrupted the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, Harry King recounts his journey from a 13-year-old Alter Boy that became a favorite of his local parish priest. He describes how the abuse formatted his military and college days, the shame that came with admitting the abuse to his wife and parents. He talks about the dark days of the guilt as his sons entered a catholic school and the and the indignity of finally revealing the complete story. This program that celebrates the metamorphosis of a man that went from multiple suicide attempts to realigning his life in spite of himself.