Targeted Programs

Sell your products or services in an audience or workshop setting

Targeted Programs are the bread and butter of our business.

The truth is, that regardless of the program we present; whether it is a keynote program, or a workshop for a business or student audience, we customize the program for our audience and their background.

If we contract to create a new targeted program, we will write the program, prepare the audio, visual and printed presentation materials and present the program to the targeted market. Target markets can include your sales force or other employees, sales prospects, current customers, students, or other targeted demographics.

Depending on the type of event you are planning, we will work in conjunction with your event staff or we will introduce you to the highly talented staff at RPM Entertainment that can plan your event from start to finish. An example of a targeted program would be a company that is holding it’s annual sales force meeting.

The event staff had a theme chosen for the convention. They needed us to help teach their sales force how to increase referral based marketing to a very specific demographic. Our solution was a keynote program followed up by two workshops for their staff. Our programs incorporated the clients theme while teaching their sales force the concepts they asked for.

Another example would be a health care professional who does seminars for potential clients. While the physician is a highly competent surgeon, he knew he shouldn’t be talking to potential clients during a seminar. He didn’t have the public speaking skills and he had a hard time relating to his audience because of his experiences and his accent.

The surgeon would fall back on his comfort level and would delve into the technical and sometimes gory details of the surgery, instead of helping the audience understand how he could help them. We developed a targeted program that created a relationship and a bond of trust that related to this potential clients in the audience.

The audience was educated about a surgical solution for their problem and they looked favorably on the physician and practice that hosted the seminar. Only after the patients decided to move forward with the surgery, did they sit down with the surgeon and discuss the technical and specific aspects of their particular case.