Regional Director at Xtime

Harry King is a commanding speaker who is able to engage a variety of crowds from high school students to upper level executives. Harry is whip-smart, intuitive, analytical and professional. Always a joy to watch.

Stacey Rager
President, Witkin Scott Associates, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Harry King as the Director of our BNI Signature chapter. I have heard Harry speak on many occasions and am always thoroughly impressed with his grasp of the subject matter and his ability to not only communicate ideas in plain terms but to also motivate those in the audience to achieve the goals presented.

Beyond Harry’s excellent presentation skills he has extensive experience in building networks that are effective in growing your business. His commitment to helping others develop their own networks is supported by the time he commits to assisting others in this process.

I highly recommend Harry to any individual or business that needs an inspirational speaker who is not only a great communicator but a phenomenal motivator!

Harris Witkin
Attorney, Former Party Nominee for NYS Senate

Harry’s strengths are immediately apparent to anyone who has met him – he has such motivation and an extremely outgoing and articulate nature.

He was always a good source of information and had a formidable network, and I am also glad that he generously shared some of his wisdom with me.

Given the above combination, I think few can match him as a professional speaker.

J.D. Kim, Esq.
CIO at Frankly Speaking Seminars Business, College, High School Motivational Speaker and Trainer, and Voiceover Artist

I have had the pleasure of working with Harry for the past couple of years. He is a true professional. Harry has been required to learn and deliver multiple presentations for Monster’s Making It Count programs. He is always prepared and always delivers. Harry also does a great job when representing the company and I would highly recommend him for any opportunities available.

Frank Simmons, Jr.
Managing Director at BNI Alabama

I have known Harry King for several years now and would highly recommend Harry for any speaking engagements where you are seeking a high energy and entertaining speaker. I have attended several of Harry’s workshops at BNI conferences and each time I am amazed at how he holds the attention of his audience. Fully of energy, highly entertaining, and well versed on the concepts of networking, Harry is the man you need to be your next keynote speaker.

Jerry Williamson
Managed Unified Communications for today’s office environment

I was lucky enough to work with Harry when I served as president of BNI-Executive Marketing Team. It was quickly apparent that Harry has a firm grasp on all aspects of what it takes for a group to flourish. I continue to be impressed with his dedication and professionalism every time I hear him speak. He is always well prepared, and you can tell he takes pride in what he does.

Charles Barrett
Director, Client Partnerships at Media Sales Plus, Inc.

I would recommend Harry King as a professional speaker/motivator to any company looking to increase their bottom line and become the guru of their industry. Harry is currently the Director of my BNI chapter, Executive Marketing Team. Just when I think I have a plan and vision for our chapter to be successful, he’ll give me ideas and suggestions I would never have come up with myself. Because of his strong leadership skills, I feel our chapter has in fact been taken to a higher level. We have more members on board with our philosophy of Giver’s Gain and our visitor numbers have never been better. Not only has he strengthened our chapter, he has enabled me to be a more productive sales person in my own insurance field. If you ever have doubts about his strengths and skills, put them to rest – Harry’s the one for you!

Debra Chase
CEO Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC.. Keynote Speaking, Assoc. Broker MJ Peterson Real Estate, Business Coaching

Harry is unique in every sense of the word. He truly excels in creating and implementing long range visions so his clients can stay ahead of their competitors. He is not afraid to address the difficult challenges that need to be faced.

Much like E. F. Hutton When Harry speaks people listen.

Brendan Cunningham
Vice President Business RM at Citizens Bank

I have known Harry for over 5 years and have worked with him in several capacities in and out of BNI. His fearlessness, zest for life and energy for building connections make him, at the very least, a person you will appreciate having known; and at their best you will come to see not only a skilled person committed to enriching your life, but committed to leading you to do the same for others.

Perry Ciambella
Marketing Captain at Of the Sea, LLC

Harry has a incredible grasp of the precepts of networking and how to apply them effectively. His direct approach to communication allows him to convey meaning and help those new to BNI understand their role and potential from an objective perspective. Harry is an experienced speaker who is always ready to engage a crowd. I have definitely learned a lot from Harry in the few years we’ve been connected.

Erik Eustice
Mortgage Advisor at Key Bank

Harry is very detail oriented and has agenda to help his clients succeed in business. Whether it would be in sales referrals or in time management. Very personal and tells you how it is approach so I strongly recommend Harry King.

Kurt McCarthy
Owner, Michael J. Barnes, CPA

He has complete mastery of the subject matter with a witty presentation style. Harry makes sure that all of your questions are answered.

Michael Barnes
Owner, The Body Essential Massage Therapy & Wellness Center, RN, LMT(NY & PA), Board Certified, Oncology, CSI

I have had the good fortune of knowing Harry King for several years. During that time I have had the pleasure of watching him grow within his BNI chapters into a dependable and active member, accepting additional responsibilities as he did. As the area director for his chapters, I personally witnessed his growth and nominated him for a member of the year award. I encouraged his movement into a director role within BNIWNY and have not regretted it. He takes his role very seriously and encourages his chapter members to achieve their best every day. Harry is a dynamic presenter and relates well to his audience in every setting. He is an asset to BNIWNY and the chapters he manages.

Christine Bailor
President at Expert Moving LLC

Harry has a natural god given talent when it comes to professional speaking and motivating our members. He is able to focus on the audience’s hot buttons and keep their undivided attention. Harry is not just a great speaker, he is also very influential and has a very large network of professionals. Harry practices what he preaches by referring and connecting people from all over the U.S. to help build their business. I feel that Harry truly enjoys what he does and it shows in his passionate delivery.

Dennis Atkinson

Harry is a very well received member of BNI Western New York. His leadership as a Director the past 3 years has been outstanding. His ability to speak in front of any group of people is a character trait desired by many people.

Jim Fitz-Patrick
Senior Account Manager at Vanner Insurance Agencynies

Over the last year, I have come to know Harry King as a professional speaker and leader within the BNI organization. Harry has exceptional communication, presentation and motivational skills. Harry’s leadership qualities have attributed to an increase in membership, member participation and raised the bar for achievement within the entire BNI organization. If you are looking for an accomplished and professional speaker, Harry is the person to turn to.

Kristin Devereaux, SHRM-CP
Executive Director BNI Wisconsin South & Upper Peninsula Michigan LLC.

Harry is a great presenter and creates his own materials. I would recommend Harry to present or coach and train my team!

David Zemer
Lawyer and Owner at Dominion Financial

Harry is a world class relationship builder. He led me through the process of creating a professional web site for my law firm, making sure that the cost was within budget. Tellingly, he was also there to keep improving the site, after the sale. I recommend Harry highly.

David Fretz
Brain-base Recruiting Coach I Behavioral Talent Strategist I Speaker I Certified DISC, Drivers and Key Competencies

I am a current BNI member and I have had the opportunity to see Harry’s ability to captivate a room. He has been able by his presentation skills, educate me on the ART of referral base leads. I am looking forward to learning more from Harry and in the future refer him opportunities. Harry is a professional speaker who truly has passion for his work!

Jean Filipiak, CPBA, CPVA
Crafter, Artist, Musician, Putterer, and all-around Retired Person at The Studios at L’Auberge

I truly enjoyed the period of time Harry and I worked together. Even though he was young and just getting started in his career, I’m sure I learned more from him than he did from me. Harry is an innovative thinker who brought “outside the box” marketing ideas to the table every day. Although he always seeks to “push the boundaries,” his attitude and willingness to help are outstanding. I’m glad to be back in contact with this unique human being again!

Patti Auber

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