Building Your Contact Sphere

This program focuses on helping you to develop your personal contact sphere so that you can get more referrals for your business. The workshop tears apart your business and helps you look at how and why you can earn more referrals from those around you. During the workshop, we will touch on educating your referral sources (aka sales team) and asking for the right kind of referrals to will make you the kind of money you expect. If you don’t understand why you aren’t getting all your business from referrals, this program is for you.

So How Come Your Phone Isn’t Ringing?

This workshop explores the idea that nobody woke up this morning and decided they were going to go to McDonalds… yet they’ve served billions and billions of hamburgers and made billions of dollars in profits. We’ll explore why that is and how you can tap into the ‘top of mind’ marketing. Are your appointments booked solid for next week? How about next month? Are you running as many appointments during your off season as your busy time? Do you get the majority of your business from referrals, and how many of those referrals come from satisfied customers? We’ll answer those questions and show you how to get your phone to ring.

Make Your Market Shimmer

This workshop looks at the fact that you have more than one market for your product and services, yet most businesses don’t know what markets are they missing. It’s not about procuts, it’s not about services, it’s not about demographics… It’s about making your market shimmer! Stop ignoring those that are in a position to help you.. teach them how to sell your services. Stop wasting your money on more advertising… learn how to get business and referrals from the network around you.